Darty Co. to Start Using Savy

Darty Co. to Start Using Savy


VENICE, CA, July 15, 2019 – Darty Co., a powerhouse retail clothing store announced earlier yesterday that the brand will start using Savy on their website. The underlying purpose to join forces with Savy is their impeccable integration technologies that can help Darty create an optimal pricing model.

“I absolutely love what Savy is all about and how it puts the power back in the hands of the consumer. When Disha reached out to me, I was quite reluctant about its implementation and the impact it might have on our business structure. But when I realized the fact that integrating with Savy just took the click of a button, the decision became a no-brainer. Our end goal has always been to make the customers happy with affordable prices, and Savy is capable to help us achieve this goal while remaining true to our core values,” said Robert Dim, the CEO and Founder of Darty Co.

With ideal retail pricing mechanism in place, Darty Co could end up increasing its target market and get the brand recognition it deserves. Furthermore, the decision could ultimately help Darty Co. to implement foreseeable expansion plans smoothly.

“We are expecting a higher pricing model with a limited supply of our products in the future. And that’s exactly why I want our consumers to make the most out of Savy, which allows you to choose your own price. I started the company with the vision to promote love, peace, happiness, positivity, and create a unifying global community and I firmly believe Savy will help us accomplish that dream,” added Mr. Dim, the Founder and CEO of Darty Co.

The prospect of increasing revenue, preserving product margins, and maintaining brand integrity, all at the same time captivated Robert’s attention. Savy’s unique functionality keeps product pricing high while clearing your product line. Savy’s value is evident in its numbers: the sale products of Savy on average see a 2X increase in total buyer conversions and a 30% increase in revenue to regular clearance products. In essence, using Savy is better for clearing inventory than indiscriminately slashing product prices.

“Price is a vital aspect for consumers and businesses, and we aim to cultivate that relationship by adding customer input,” said Disha Shidam, the CEO of Savy.

Savy made its name by giving customers a voice to shop online. You can simply choose a price range for any product and Savy will take care of the price optimization. Moreover, Savy has also been featured on Shark Tank, LifeHack, heavy, Good Day Columbus, Huffington Post, and even partook in Stanford’s StartX accelerator program.


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Darty Co. was founded in 2015 by Robert Dim. The company is an emerging e-commerce clothing brand that wants to unify people and symbolize positivity by focusing on transparency.


Robert Dim

Darty Co.

340 Main Street,

Venice, CA 90921, US



Website: https://www.dartyco.com/



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