Darty Co. is Partnering with World Financial Group (WFG)


VENICE, CA, Sept. 23, 2019 – In an effort to formulate and prolong healthy business relations, Darty Co., the innovative retail-clothing brand is partnering with World Financial Group. The successful strategic and transformative role of WFG to create a digital platform for millions of families contributed to the decision. As of now, more than 3.5 million families received help from the company. They intend to provide more investment opportunities in the foreseeable future.

For Darty Co., however, working side-by-side with WFG means more than just a usual business opportunity. Instead, this is a chance to reach beyond the horizon and make a lasting difference for countless families. “I’m excited about this partnership as it opens up financial education possibilities for Americans without income/wealth discrimination. Major companies generally have minimum investment requirements to gain eligibility. J.P Morgan requires $250,000, while Goldman Sachs goes as high as $10 million to open a private wealth management account,” said Darty Co. Founder, Robert Dim.

Darty Co. is aware that a 3 out of 10 Americans solely rely on paychecks to make ends meet. In fact, 30% of Americans do not have any life insurance plan. This is where WFG has made a significant commission contribution of approximately $792 million for over 400,000 families. The figure aligns with World Financial Group’s mission to financially empower entrepreneurs to help as many families as possible to live a better life. “My family and friends never had the same privilege as wealthier families to access information due to insufficient net worth. Back in the days, they were told to contribute funds to their 401k to save enough for retirement,” added Darty Co. Founder, Robert Dim.

It is imperative to realize that a handful of financial service companies like World Financial Group (WFG) have the ability to reach out to struggling middle-class families. Over the years, the company has been providing scalable financial solutions through Insurance Protection. Apart from retirement strategies, WFG offers personal legacy strategies that provide families risk assessment regarding assets set for disposition.

Moreover, WFG’s Business Solutions facilitates small business owners to ensure their financial growth. The financial service giant also provides Long-Term Care Insurance to cover future expenses and balance out the cost-benefit ratio. “Generation X sees the unfair treatment from financial service companies. This partnership will allow low and medium-income families safer investment opportunities. The goal is to help these families preserve the ownership their business, protect valuable assets, and create residual income for generations to come,” continued Darty Co. Founder, Robert Dim.

Please reach out to WFG@DartyCo.com for more information and a free financial needs analysis for you, friends, and family members.

Darty Co.is a recognized e-commerce clothing brand. Robert Dim laid down the foundation of the company in 2015. Darty has always insisted upon the values of unification. The company adheres to a culture of transparency and positivity. It unconditionally promotes the message of love, happiness, peace, freedom, and utmost relaxation.


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