Darty Co. Accepted Into Newchip’s Accelerator Program

Darty Co. Has Joined Newchip’s Accelerator Program


VENICE, CA, June 15, 2019 -- An emerging online retail-clothing brand, Darty Co., recently decided to join the newly launched first equity-free program by Newchip accelerator, founded by Ryan Rafols and Travis Brodeen. The Platform itself is first of its kind that offers startups to connect and communicate with investors.

The decision to join the entrepreneurial program by Darty Co. is to explore the possibilities of expansion of their clothing brand, customized apparel for Greek Life organizations involving, Sororities and Fraternizes. Though most importantly, to cast a wide net of spectrum of their host events that promotes Darty lifestyle all across the US.

“Many startups around the world fail to secure the capital they require to set up their infrastructure, simply because accelerators don’t believe in them,” said accelerator advisor Joshua Lawton-Belous. Furthermore, Newchip’s invigorating investment platform boosts startups as well as the most established brands in the industry to find the organized investors with reliable funding that they need to achieve their target goals.

Darty Co. is the premiere clothing brand for the new generation and uses the promotion of the Darty lifestyle as their core marketing strategy. This business model with the bridge of Newchip entrepreneurship accelerator program will help Darty Co. not just find the right investors but also expand and evolve in its quality of brand recognition.

Newchip has opened doors for new and experienced investors to dive into countless opportunities that could be set up as low as $100. It has closed more than $2 Million in basic seed funding and has surpassed 50,000 users. This in result helps all range of brands to develop a diverse and unique portfolio for their new capital ventures so that they can have substantial return on their investment.

“Online technology revolutionized the way budding entrepreneurs can fulfill their dreams and launch businesses. Founders shouldn’t have to live in Silicon Valley, Austin, or New York to build their companies,” said Travis Brodeen, Founder and CTO of Newchip

Darty Co. is an e-commerce clothing brand, founded in 2016 by Robert Dim on the core principles and values of unification of people that symbolize positivity and focus on transparency. Their main goal is to promote happiness, love, peace, freedom and unity.


Robert Dim

Darty Co.

340 Main Street,

Venice, CA 90921, US



Website: https://www.dartyco.com/

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