Darty Co. Announces the Launch of Devon Pendergrass Collection

Darty Co. Announces the Launch of Devon Pendergrass Collection


VENICE, CA, Aug 21, 2019 – Darty Co., one of the emerging retail clothing brands, has announced the release of a new apparel design called the Devon Pendergrass Collection. The new apparel design collection is dedicated in loving memory of Devon Pendergrass who untimely departed the world on August 21, 2015. Today makes it 4 years since his passing. Furthermore, Darty Co. has stated that the release of the new design concept will continue annually.


The company observes National Darty day in remembrance of Devon Pendergrass. Devon channeled love, positivity, and happiness throughout his life and signified the embodiment of Darty’s core themes. Consequently, the nature of the new collection is specifically designed to cherish and celebrate the lifestyle and beloved memories of Devon Pendergrass. Ever since childhood, Devon had an affinity and unconditional love towards turtles. The very presence of turtles used to bring joy to Devon’s sense of expression and mood. However, why he found turtles to be such good companions is where things get fascinating. Turtles are considered sacred among Native American culture and represent the longevity of life.

As unintended as it may be, the palm tree logo of Darty co. gains a fresh perspective when it comes to the nature of the turtles. A palm tree, for instance, symbolizes masculine nature yet the fact that it bears fruit makes it feminine. This gender-neutral relationship personifies the values of Darty community across the globe. What’s interesting is that the connection between the palm tree and turtle pushes Darty to strive for perfection and break conventional norms in the apparel fashion industry.

Darty Co. has taken a wise and thoughtful decision to donate the entirety of sales proceeds from the new design to Devon J. Pendergrass Foundation. It was established in 2016 by Devon’s parents, Jerry & Francina Pendergrass to keep the memory and spirit of Devon alive. The aim of the memorial foundation, however, is to provide annual scholarships to talented college students. As of now, the foundation is hosting its 4th annual “Ride for Dev” event that can facilitate injured cyclists throughout the U.S.

Darty Co. is an e-commerce clothing brand that was founded by Robert Dim in 2015. Since the beginning, Darty has focused on principled values of unification that unites and symbolizes positivity with utmost transparency. The key goal of the company is to promote the essence of love, happiness, peace, relaxation, and freedom.


Robert Dim

Darty Co.

340 Main Street,

Venice, CA 90921, US



Website: https://www.dartyco.com/

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