Creating The Vibe

Why is it that waking up on a Monday always seems to be a drag. Do you ever wake up some days and wish you were at the beach? How about at Disneyland, or in the middle of a family picnic? I'm not sure who you are, but I bet that there are days that you wake up longing for a different feeling. Some days seem like they are never ending and there isn't a good vibe in sight. Days like this, it is so important to remember that good vibes don't always have to come from another place. Good vibes are 100 percent in your mind. The days when you feel like the time just won't stop dragging, or you're just ready to give up, create those vibes. Take the time to make sure your energy and vibe are in a comfortable space so you can exude happiness. 

Good vibes are what the world is all about! Who wants to be around energy that feels draining or negative? This is why the search for good vibes and energy may seem so difficult. There are so many of us who want to attain this state of permanent tranquility and serenity. This, my friends, is totally possible! Make the choice to not just seek good energy but to create good energy. As simple as that may seem, the idea can prove to be a genius.

Just close your eyes for 30 seconds and visualize yourself in a place where good vibes are all that exist. These places may seem few and far between, but they really aren't. Good vibes and good energy are created by you. It's all about making the choice to feel good and appreciate life. Remind yourself that even though life can get overwhelming and out of control that a good vibe is just around the corner. All you have to do is allow yourself to be present in the moment. Whenever you feel negative energy gravitating towards you, make the choice to be a good vibe! It may take time to develop, but good vibes are so important. Let's not only search for good vibes but also, create them! 


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